Are you struggling in your algebra class? Are you looking to improve your SAT scores? Are you doing well in geometry, but would like some extra help solidifying the concepts? Whatever your situation is, I would love to help.

I am a recent high school graduate who loves math and teaching. I offered in-person tutoring around Anderson, Indiana for about a year, and now that I will be attending Hillsdale College in Michigan, I offer tutoring via Skype.

Teaching Philosophy:

As a tutor, my goal is not only to teach a method, but to help students understand the reasons behind every process. Formulas and methods do not just come out of nowhere, and showing students where a formula comes from helps them to remember and appreciate it better. It also boosts their confidence, because they feel “in the loop” about what they’re doing, rather than just blindly doing what they’ve been told. I’ve seen students crippled by schools that give them calculators, show them how to press the right buttons, but move on before students can really grasp what they’re doing. Confused and disillusioned, students are tempted to give up on really trying to learn. Instead of just helping students get through their homework, I teach students the reasons behind everything they do. By showing them this I hope to give students a greater appreciation of math and the ability to understand and work through problems on their own.


  • College-level Calculus I course
  • SAT Reasoning Test score in math: 760
  • SAT II Subject Test in math: 800
  • National Merit Scholar

Contact me at if you have any questions or would be interested in a free consultation.

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